Temple Adventiste de  Brockton, invites you to worship with us this  weekend! We pray that our worship services deeply impact your life and the lives of those around you.

Worship focuses only on God. It begins within the heart. It is expressed through actions. Consequently and most importantly it helps us prepare our hearts as we await Christ's second coming. Because our worship brings God pleasure, it must be done with sincerity from the heart, not out of duty and obligation. Let’s ask God to open our hearts to truly worship Him.

At Temple Adventiste de Brockton, there are many opportunities to join hearts together in worship. We have worship services on Saturdays, as well as Prayer Meetings on Wednesday night.

Come and worship with us this week!

Our History

Phase I

Past. Emmanuel Mondestin

Anc. Jeanty Arisme
Group Director

Past. Paul R. Jean-Pierre
Church Director

Phase II

Past. Ellie Pierre

Past. Amos Jean-Louis

Past. Daniel Honore

Past. Eddy P. Laguerre

Past. Jean H. Bernadotte

Pastor Sem Omler

Upcoming Events

Fasting - May 31, Tue 9:00 AM